Join the Family at the Table

Radio legend Tom Barnard sits down family-style with his wife, son and daughter on this daily podcast. Get a comedic take on everyday family discussions, entertainment news, special guests, and current events!

Latest Episodes

[The Lost Episodes #4] Episode 13: Costaki Economopoulos

If you thought it was impressive that we’ve been doing this show for almost eleven years, then check out Costaki’s first episode. He’s been right there with us the whole time. That’s a lot of football jokes. And Greek name jokes. But sadly, very few Greek football player jokes. Is it discrimination? Or are they just too busy playing ποδόσφαιρο? That means “soccer” in Greek. Actually it literally means football, but let’s not bring up the whole football vs. football thing.
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Going Mental – #2317

Today’s Earth Day, which can only mean one thing: talking about mental health. Because if there’s one thing even more difficult than fixing the planet, it’s fixing our brains. Can you go into your brain and pick up trash? I think not. Well, unless you count therapy. That’s basically how that process is supposed to work.
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Laura Gassner Otting – #2316

Chronic stress is bad. It ruins relationships, wrecks your immune system, and puts you in a bad mood. So what’s the solution? Stop watching the news. But for certain people who are unable or unwilling to do that, why not get a dog? Dogs are great. You can also try ignoring everybody, carving your own path, and living your best life. Which also happens to be the subtitle of Laura’s new book, Limitless. Alternatively, you can chase the dream and enter Wonderhell, where success is both wonderful and hell. Which is also a book by Laura. If she writes any more books her bio’s going to write itself.
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King of the World – #2315

What happens when you give a man virtually unlimited money and power? He buys Twitter, of course. Everyone buying everyone else is the name of the game these days, and it’s got people wondering if having the entire world owned by a handful of megacorporations is a good idea. The answer: of course it is. It’s the plot of every beloved dystopian movie ever made. Don’t you want to live in a cool movie? Of course you do.
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Kaity Heart and Mike Schmidt – #2314

Today we have Kaity and Mike from Sunflower Fox & The Chicken Leg. No, we don’t know what it means either. What we do know is that they manage to be in a great mood despite immediately following a very unfortunate topic, to put it lightly. Does this positivity shine through in their music? You’ll have to listen to find out. Their new single, Breathe It In, promises to take you back to the 70s, complete with omnipresent wood paneling. It’s impossible to feel bad when you’re standing on shag carpet. It’s simply a fact.
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[The Lost Episodes #3] Episode 36: Vince Flynn

When we started The Lost Episodes, we had to push out Kristyn’s episode because it turned out we were starting it right on Louie Anderson’s birthday. This week, it’s another birthday of a departed family friend. Life’s not fair. What is fair is Vince’s take on extremism, both foreign and domestic. Also soccer participation trophies. In that case, he’s tough but fair. Emphasis on “tough”.
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All the News Not Fit to Print – #2313

It’s another Francis Thursday. We don’t do Friday shows so we couldn’t go for the alliteration, but Thursday is only one day off. The main takeaway from today’s show is that South Saint Paul is incorruptible and Jimmy can’t be bought. Unless you’re Top the Tater. Then we’ll talk.
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Product Misplacement – #2312

Today we’re going to teach you how to play a brand new video game on a very old PC. Step one involves a garbage can, and step two is to spend several hundred dollars. That’s all the hints we’re going to give you. We’ll also tell you what to steal if you want to be the lamest guy in your cell block, and which country you should go to if you want to drink far more beer than is healthy. We’re full of bad information today.
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The Day The Talking Died – #2311

If you’re looking to make it big, we can’t help you except to tell you what not to do: start a talk show. Nobody cares any more. To be fair, it is a nearly century old format. All good things must come to an end. Plus these days we have AI, so if you want to hear uninformed opinions about Donald Trump you can just ask your computer. Yet another valuable career ruined by technology. Will it never end?
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Jason Gowin – #2310

AI. Is it going to take over the world? Is it overhyped? Does it even exist? Whether it’s an opportunity to capitalize on or the doom of humanity depends on who you ask. Jason believes in the former, with You Only Virtual, a technology designed to replicate your voice and personality. If that sounds scary, it’s more like a chat bot that has your attributes rather than a Blade Runner style Replicant. Those will probably take another ten years or so.
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Tom Barnard Photo

Tom Barnard – Host

Tom Barnard was raised in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and his six siblings were raised almost entirely by their mother. Tom began in radio in 1971, and has been a renowned morning show host in America since 1986 on 92 KQRS.

He received the Marconi Award for Large Market Personality of the Year, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

In his spare time, you can find him enjoying movies and TV shows with his wife, taking walks, golfing, or playing with his grandchildren.

Kathryn Brandt Photo

Kathryn Brandt – Co-host

Kathryn has a restless streak as far as careers go; having produced and written for the KQRS morning show, (even before Tom) becoming a Mom, raising and riding horses, becoming a real estate agent, and currently she is the HR officer and co-host on the podcast. With so many things to do and experience, she’s trying to work it all in.

Gardening, traveling, golfing, reading, hiking in the mountains, and spending a lot of time with their adorable grandchildren and family are the joys of her life.

Andy Brandt-Barnard Photo

Andy Brandt-Barnard – Audio Engineer

Andy is Tom and Kathryn’s son and the engineer of the show. He handles the board and the computer (mainly the resident fact checker). When he’s not on the show he’s often at home; he enjoys programming and playing video games in his spare time.

He also enjoys his time with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Ethan, who shares Tom’s birthday (70 years exactly). They currently enjoy small town life, although it’s not quite as small as the town Andy grew up in. On the plus side, that means not having to pack rations for the arduous multi-week journey to the nearest grocery store.

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen Photo

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen – Talent

Alex and her husband have two young children; most of her time is spent being entertained by them. When she isn’t soaking up the glory that is Motherhood, she enjoys running with their two dogs, lifting weights, meditating and reading. She loves spending time outside and loves all seasons.

She studied fashion merchandising, design, journalism and dance, but somehow found herself working on this podcast. You’ll enjoy such banter from her as her being a vegetarian strictly to irritate her Father, trying to get him to be positive about anything (to no avail), singing sentences other people just said and facts about having ADHD.

Jude Pod Dog Photo

Jude – Pod Dog

Jude is Tom and Kathryn’s eight year old (as of 2022) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the current primary pod dog. His hobbies include chasing everything that moves and dreaming about chasing everything that moves.

After rising through the ranks from a lowly third-tier pod dog to the main event, he has decided to rest on his laurels because resting is his favorite thing to do, in between bouts of hyperactivity. He is sometimes joined by his fellow pod dogs, Daisy, Birch and Mae.


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The Archives

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