Join the Family at the Table

Radio legend Tom Barnard sits down family-style with his wife, son and daughter on this daily podcast. Get a comedic take on everyday family discussions, entertainment news, special guests, and current events!

Latest Episodes

The Family: [The Lost Episodes #6] Episode 357: Doug Sprinthall’s First Show

This episode was truly lost, because we don’t even know what the original title was. It somehow got scrubbed from the internet and we weren’t backing the show up yet. Shoutouts to Joe for being one of two people on earth to still have the the file. And no, the other person wasn’t one of us. It also wasn’t Doug, because he had just started his career as Tom’s straight man and probably didn’t expect to still be doing it over a decade later. What he did expect was to come onto this show to mostly talk about cars. We certainly dispelled that notion quickly.
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The Family: Chuck Gollop – #2325

Is it Car Selling Secrets? We’re not really sure. The gang’s all here, and we didn’t talk about cars, so going by the “if it walks like a duck” method, then yes, this was an episode of Car Selling Secrets. We still haven’t checked with the proper authorities to make sure we’re allowed to call it that, though, so for now we’ll just welcome you to the first ever episode of Vehicle Vending Enigmas.
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The Family: Get Into The Zone – #2324

Who needs time zones, really? Think about it. It causes scheduling conflicts, it’s annoying having to specify which time zone you’re in, and you can’t guarantee there will never be a war where time zone supremacists cause millions of deaths. It’s safer just not to have them at all. Kind of like comedians in your podcast studio who drink all your liquor and leave garbage everywhere. Hypothetically, of course.
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The Family: When Life Gives You Lammers – #2323

Bongino’s out. Tucker’s out. Lemon’s out. Apparently the media isn’t doing so well right now. We’re trying our hardest to care. We’re too busy mindlessly scrolling “influencers” and buying every product they put in front of us. Gotta keep up with the times, right?
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The Family: Rick Lindy – #2322

If you’re a Roy Orbison fan and you want to hear him play, well, I have bad news. He died quite some time ago. But I also have good news. Rick Lindy and the Wild Ones will be at the Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake this Thursday at 7:30 PM to play a tribute to him. And on top of that, Costaki’s back, and he’s also covering Roy Orbison songs. Just kidding. He’s talking about football.
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[The Lost Episodes #5] Episode 581: Gilbert Gottfried and Dan Naturman

Today’s episode has two comedians, including the late Gilbert Gottfried, but our listeners remember it for another reason: Jay-Bee. In particular, his display of patience in the face of Gilbert’s…let’s just say “enthusiasm for black entertainment”. Next time the two met, he came prepared. Sorry, I mean he was prepared. You have to choose your words carefully when Gilbert’s around.
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The Family – The Wheel in the Casino Keeps On Turning – #2321

A lot of what we do in life can be seen as a gamble, even when it’s technically not gambling. Like doing meth. You’re gambling your life in exchange for getting high. Or having venomous spiders infesting your house. That’s a gamble, although I’m not sure what the payout is. Then there’s good old fashioned gambling. Pulling that slot machine lever hours at a time. Of course, that lifestyle is so rewarding that you won’t even care if it pays out, right?
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Ralph White – #2320

One aspect of war that you don’t often hear about is that people still have to keep doing their jobs in the middle of it, especially in poorer countries. Take Vietnam for example. It was a famously brutal war, but during the capture of Saigon, the employees of the Chase Manhattan Bank were will there. At least, they were until Ralph White arrived. Deploying the art of rule-bending, he managed to get 113 citizens out of a war zone. Sometimes breaking the rules actually is cool, and not just in a Fonzi sort of way.
GETTING OUT OF SAIGON: How a 27-Year-Old American Banker Saved 113 Vietnamese Civilians 
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Supersize Thee – #2319

How’s your A1C? I hope it’s good, because you might have a tough time finding anything to fix it now that the Kardashians have gotten everyone taking Ozempic for weight loss. Maybe stay away from McDonald’s for a while just in case. We hear cannibalism is all the rage lately. Maybe that’s the new weight loss diet. For extra slimming, try getting trapped in the mountainous wilderness first.
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Trent Dalton – #2318

Where would you begin to tell the story of how great a love can be? How about a table and a typewriter in Brisbane? That’s what Trent did, and it seemed to work out for him. He’s got a whole book of real life love stories straight from the people who lived them. Not that any of them hold a candle to Tom and Kathryn’s story, of course. There is no greater display of love than re-cleaning a “clean” bathroom.
Book: Love Stories
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Tom Barnard Photo

Tom Barnard – Host

Tom Barnard was raised in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and his six siblings were raised almost entirely by their mother. Tom began in radio in 1971, and has been a renowned morning show host in America since 1986 on 92 KQRS.

He received the Marconi Award for Large Market Personality of the Year, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

In his spare time, you can find him enjoying movies and TV shows with his wife, taking walks, golfing, or playing with his grandchildren.

Kathryn Brandt Photo

Kathryn Brandt – Co-host

Kathryn has a restless streak as far as careers go; having produced and written for the KQRS morning show, (even before Tom) becoming a Mom, raising and riding horses, becoming a real estate agent, and currently she is the HR officer and co-host on the podcast. With so many things to do and experience, she’s trying to work it all in.

Gardening, traveling, golfing, reading, hiking in the mountains, and spending a lot of time with their adorable grandchildren and family are the joys of her life.

Andy Brandt-Barnard Photo

Andy Brandt-Barnard – Audio Engineer

Andy is Tom and Kathryn’s son and the engineer of the show. He handles the board and the computer (mainly the resident fact checker). When he’s not on the show he’s often at home; he enjoys programming and playing video games in his spare time.

He also enjoys his time with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Ethan, who shares Tom’s birthday (70 years exactly). They currently enjoy small town life, although it’s not quite as small as the town Andy grew up in. On the plus side, that means not having to pack rations for the arduous multi-week journey to the nearest grocery store.

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen Photo

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen – Talent

Alex and her husband have two young children; most of her time is spent being entertained by them. When she isn’t soaking up the glory that is Motherhood, she enjoys running with their two dogs, lifting weights, meditating and reading. She loves spending time outside and loves all seasons.

She studied fashion merchandising, design, journalism and dance, but somehow found herself working on this podcast. You’ll enjoy such banter from her as her being a vegetarian strictly to irritate her Father, trying to get him to be positive about anything (to no avail), singing sentences other people just said and facts about having ADHD.

Jude Pod Dog Photo

Jude – Pod Dog

Jude is Tom and Kathryn’s eight year old (as of 2022) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the current primary pod dog. His hobbies include chasing everything that moves and dreaming about chasing everything that moves.

After rising through the ranks from a lowly third-tier pod dog to the main event, he has decided to rest on his laurels because resting is his favorite thing to do, in between bouts of hyperactivity. He is sometimes joined by his fellow pod dogs, Daisy, Birch and Mae.


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The Archives

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