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Radio legend Tom Barnard sits down family-style with his wife, son and daughter on this daily podcast. Get a comedic take on everyday family discussions, entertainment news, special guests, and current events!

Latest Episodes

Sean Whalen – #2291

For decades, Sean has been playing minor parts in major productions. Twister, Friends, Men in Black, Batman Returns. You’ve seen him, even if you don’t know it. Well you’re about to change, because he’s making the leap from character actor to director, star, writer and producer of the movie Crust, a horror-comedy about a gross sock monster. Every horror-comedy needs a disgusting mascot. It’s still in pre-production, so keep an eye out for it in the coming months. Or years. Or whatever.

Hannah Fry – #2290

Look to the future. Specifically, look to The Future With Hannah Fry. It starts today on Bloomberg, and it covers all sorts of smart person topics like AI and nuclear fusion. Meanwhile, we’re talking about balloons. Balloons are fun, right? Right. We’ve got something for everyone.

Schooled – #2289

What’s your view on corporal punishment? Should teachers be allowed to use a machete as punishment? Probably not. That could be considered on the extreme end of the issue. The other extreme is to allow children to stab each other in the halls, which is also not great. So what’s the answer? Maybe we should release pythons into schools so students are too busy dodging snakes to misbehave. Solves two problems at once.

Greg Hammer – #2288

We’re about to get a foot of snow in two days, and you know what that means: Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s hard not to be affected by the season when you’re trapped in your house, but that doesn’t mean it has to turn into a disorder. Dr. Hammer suggests a daily three minute mindfulness practice. It doesn’t require anything but sitting there, which is perfect because that’s what we’ll all be doing this week anyway. So grab a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and practice the GAIN Method. For an extra challenge, try it during a snow day when the kids are at home all day.

Jimmy Francis – #2287 | Car Selling Secrets #155

Doug’s busy being warm somewhere and the rest of us have to pick up the slack. Unfortunately, none of us know anything about cars, so we call upon the help of Mayor Francis and his many tomes of car-selling knowledge. What he didn’t know is that we can’t say on track for more than approximately twelve seconds. Something good did come of that though: check in for an explanation of how to listen to Tom’s new morning show on Monday, because apparently the communication there has been not so good.

Michael Berryman – #2286

Today we’ve got Rudy, Brittany, and Amy Daniels joining us in studio to extoll Tom’s virtues. Or maybe just the virtues of the upcoming new Tom Barnard Morning Show, starting this Monday. Either way, we eventually get into the topic of who your favorite celebrity you ever met was, and that can’t be a coincidence, right? Right: the answer is obviously Michael Berryman, author of It’s all good!: A Michael Berryman Memoir… In My Own Words and person you would definitely recognize from something you’ve watched at some point.

Free Palestine – #2285

If you’re a millennial or the parent of a millennial, you probably remember Barney. Mattel is banking on you remembering him fondly, but given how many schoolyard rhymes there are about killing him, they may be barking up the wrong purple dinosaur. This is a reboot, however, so you never know what direction they might take it. What if Barney had an eyepatch and a gun? That could be cool.

Bob Sansevere – #2284

Are the Chinese keeping an eye on us with all of these spy balloons? What was the best part of Super Bowl 57: the game, the commercials, or the halftime show? Today the family discusses all this and more while being joined by Bob and Costaki. One week until Tom’s new show with Hubbard!

Andy Swanson and Hassan Ghondour – #2283 | Car Selling Secrets #154

It’s Hyundai day. Andy Swanson and Hassan Ghandour join us live in studio. They are both General Managers for Walser Hyundai in Brooklyn Park and their soon to be opened
brand new dealership in Coon Rapids. Hassan grew up in Beirut, moved to Minnesota 18 years ago and got into the car business. Andy makes his 4th appearance.

Brian Volk-Weiss – #2282

The term “dive bar” means a lot of things to a lot of people. Is it a positive term? Apparently, yes. These days it is. It’s so positive that we can spend a solid half hour talking about them by name without having to worry about being sued for defamation. Unfortunately, Brian couldn’t stay long enough to discuss the precise definition of a dive, but he did manage to talk about Icons Unearthed, a series he directs where pop culture icons are examined in never before seen detail. This podcast will surely be getting its own episode any day now.

Tom Barnard Photo

Tom Barnard – Host

Tom Barnard was raised in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and his six siblings were raised almost entirely by their mother. Tom began in radio in 1971, and has been a renowned morning show host in America since 1986 on 92 KQRS.

He received the Marconi Award for Large Market Personality of the Year, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

In his spare time, you can find him enjoying movies and TV shows with his wife, taking walks, golfing, or playing with his grandchildren.

Kathryn Brandt Photo

Kathryn Brandt – Co-host

Kathryn has a restless streak as far as careers go; having produced and written for the KQRS morning show, (even before Tom) becoming a Mom, raising and riding horses, becoming a real estate agent, and currently she is the HR officer and co-host on the podcast. With so many things to do and experience, she’s trying to work it all in.

Gardening, traveling, golfing, reading, hiking in the mountains, and spending a lot of time with their adorable grandchildren and family are the joys of her life.

Andy Brandt-Barnard Photo

Andy Brandt-Barnard – Audio Engineer

Andy is Tom and Kathryn’s son and the engineer of the show. He handles the board and the computer (mainly the resident fact checker). When he’s not on the show he’s often at home; he enjoys programming and playing video games in his spare time.

He also enjoys his time with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Ethan, who shares Tom’s birthday (70 years exactly). They currently enjoy small town life, although it’s not quite as small as the town Andy grew up in. On the plus side, that means not having to pack rations for the arduous multi-week journey to the nearest grocery store.

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen Photo

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen – Talent

Alex and her husband have two young children; most of her time is spent being entertained by them. When she isn’t soaking up the glory that is Motherhood, she enjoys running with their two dogs, lifting weights, meditating and reading. She loves spending time outside and loves all seasons.

She studied fashion merchandising, design, journalism and dance, but somehow found herself working on this podcast. You’ll enjoy such banter from her as her being a vegetarian strictly to irritate her Father, trying to get him to be positive about anything (to no avail), singing sentences other people just said and facts about having ADHD.

Jude Pod Dog Photo

Jude – Pod Dog

Jude is Tom and Kathryn’s eight year old (as of 2022) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the current primary pod dog. His hobbies include chasing everything that moves and dreaming about chasing everything that moves.

After rising through the ranks from a lowly third-tier pod dog to the main event, he has decided to rest on his laurels because resting is his favorite thing to do, in between bouts of hyperactivity. He is sometimes joined by his fellow pod dogs, Daisy, Birch and Mae.


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