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Radio legend Tom Barnard sits down family-style with his wife, son and daughter on this daily podcast. Get a comedic take on everyday family discussions, entertainment news, special guests, and current events!

Latest Episodes

LA Nik – #2309

Listen carefully. Hear that? That’s the sound of new intro music played by our very own Doug Sprinthall. Car Selling Secrets may be over, but his influence carries on. Here’s another familiar Thursday motif: we don’t talk about cars at all. Why mess with tradition?

Craig Gass and Fritz Coleman- #2308

Fritz was a Los Angeles staple for forty years, serving as their beloved weatherman. What does that have to do with this show, you ask? Well he was also a comedian, and apparently knows every story that ever happened in big clubs around the country. And what a coincidence, so does Craig. You know those episodes where one guest basically interviews the other? This is one of them. Maybe Fritz should have Craig on his Media Path Podcast, where they talk about the history and impact of media over the past 50 years.

Simon Ateba – #2307

Simon is the White House correspondent from Today News Africa, and let’s just say he’s known for his tendency to question authority. And why shouldn’t he? We learn nothing when reporters simply nod along and repeat press releases verbatim. Perhaps his past can explain his lack of fear: he’s been attack by pirates with AK-47s, kidnapped in Nigeria, and arrested in Cameroon. After all that, having a press secretary yell at you probably doesn’t seem so scary.

Siddharth Kara – #2306

Today’s secret word is “globalism”, so make sure you scream real loud when you hear it. People in the Congo certainly do. The developed world is going green, which generally speaking is code for outsourcing our pollution and desolation to other countries. Siddharth, by complete coincidence, happened to be on about a very similar phenomenon: cobalt mining. Every EV uses cobalt, and almost all cobalt comes from one war-torn country in Africa. You can imagine how luxurious the conditions of African cobalt miners are. Actually, why imagine when you can hear it from a first-hand account?

Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives

[The Lost Episodes #1] Episode 2: Louie Anderson

It’s the debut of The Lost Episodes, a new series we’ll be uploading every Friday where you can hear whole episodes of The Family from the distant past. These are things that you can’t find anywhere else, except possibly a cobweb-filled corner of the internet that we’ve forgotten about, so if you’ve been yearning for some Family-style nostalgia, this is where to look. It’s also Louie’s birthday, so what better way to start than with his first ever appearance on the podcast? We’ll count this as his 70th birthday present. Happy birthday, Louie.

Bye Bye Dougie – #2305 | Car Selling Secrets #158

Well, this is it. Car Selling Secrets is over. We know, it’s very sudden. No, it’s not because Doug abandoned us in favor of a warmer climate for nearly a full month, although we’ll hold a grudge about that for a while. Doug and Walser have parted ways. Some of you are probably wondering how we’re going to fill Thursdays. The answer is quite simple: we have no idea. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll think of something.

Bill Glahn and Tom Wheelwright – #2304

There are a lot of places in America that are known for their corruption. New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia. Somehow, Minneapolis manages to avoid this connotation despite all of us knowing the truth. Here’s a great example: the Feeding Our Future scandal. Bill Glahn is a member of the Center of the American Experiment and is one of few people out there willing to even talk about it. Kind of like the looming economic crash. Ask the official sources and there’s nothing to worry about. Tom Wheelwright doesn’t agree. He also doesn’t agree that tax strategy can’t be win-win. And no, the government is getting both wins for once.
The Win-Win Wealth Strategy

Cash Flows – #2303

Ever wanted to become a multi-millionaire with very little effort? It’s easy. All you have to do is play pretend in front of a camera and they’ll pay you upwards of $20,000,000. Just one catch though: you have to be a celebrity. So if you’re one of those, make sure to take our financial advice and you’ll be set in no time. If not, you’ll have to settle for decades of toil.

Charles Latibeaudiere – #2302

They said we should never forget 9/11. It’s been over 20 years and we still haven’t. Or have we? We all know about the twin towers, most of us remember the Pentagon, and some remember the fourth plane that was thwarted on its way to the capitol. But how many of us know about the fifth plane? Just Charles. Also probably the FBI. That’s not very many people. If you want to know about this mysterious plane, watch “9/11: The Fifth Plane” which premiered today on Fox.

Dana Diedrich and Rob Pope – #2301

Did you know Alex was doing a podcast? No, not this one. There’s another. It’s called “The Millennial’s Guide To Being Okay”, and it features her and Dana telling you how to be okay. Here’s one way to not be okay: run 15,000 miles without years of training beforehand. Rob was smart enough to put in some light exercise such as ultra-marathons first, so he could do it no problem. Plus he got a book out of the experience. It’s called Becoming Forrest, because he retraced Forrest Gump’s steps across the country. Turns out it’s not as easy as the movie makes it sound.
Becoming Forrest: The extraordinary true story of one man’s epic run across America

Tom Barnard Photo

Tom Barnard – Host

Tom Barnard was raised in North Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and his six siblings were raised almost entirely by their mother. Tom began in radio in 1971, and has been a renowned morning show host in America since 1986 on 92 KQRS.

He received the Marconi Award for Large Market Personality of the Year, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

In his spare time, you can find him enjoying movies and TV shows with his wife, taking walks, golfing, or playing with his grandchildren.

Kathryn Brandt Photo

Kathryn Brandt – Co-host

Kathryn has a restless streak as far as careers go; having produced and written for the KQRS morning show, (even before Tom) becoming a Mom, raising and riding horses, becoming a real estate agent, and currently she is the HR officer and co-host on the podcast. With so many things to do and experience, she’s trying to work it all in.

Gardening, traveling, golfing, reading, hiking in the mountains, and spending a lot of time with their adorable grandchildren and family are the joys of her life.

Andy Brandt-Barnard Photo

Andy Brandt-Barnard – Audio Engineer

Andy is Tom and Kathryn’s son and the engineer of the show. He handles the board and the computer (mainly the resident fact checker). When he’s not on the show he’s often at home; he enjoys programming and playing video games in his spare time.

He also enjoys his time with his wife, Melissa, and their son, Ethan, who shares Tom’s birthday (70 years exactly). They currently enjoy small town life, although it’s not quite as small as the town Andy grew up in. On the plus side, that means not having to pack rations for the arduous multi-week journey to the nearest grocery store.

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen Photo

Alex Brandt-Barnard Rasmussen – Talent

Alex and her husband have two young children; most of her time is spent being entertained by them. When she isn’t soaking up the glory that is Motherhood, she enjoys running with their two dogs, lifting weights, meditating and reading. She loves spending time outside and loves all seasons.

She studied fashion merchandising, design, journalism and dance, but somehow found herself working on this podcast. You’ll enjoy such banter from her as her being a vegetarian strictly to irritate her Father, trying to get him to be positive about anything (to no avail), singing sentences other people just said and facts about having ADHD.

Jude Pod Dog Photo

Jude – Pod Dog

Jude is Tom and Kathryn’s eight year old (as of 2022) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the current primary pod dog. His hobbies include chasing everything that moves and dreaming about chasing everything that moves.

After rising through the ranks from a lowly third-tier pod dog to the main event, he has decided to rest on his laurels because resting is his favorite thing to do, in between bouts of hyperactivity. He is sometimes joined by his fellow pod dogs, Daisy, Birch and Mae.


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