Tom Barnard Show

Tom Barnard Show : Hour 3 – SKOR North’s Phil Mackey

Tom, Brittany and Rudy start Monday with a chat about Brittany and Rudy being terrible human beings for not watching the news on their time off. How dare they.

In the first hour, Bob Sansevere talks Twins and the new Netflix docu-series Quarterback. Next, Kristyn Burtt details the show Fringe and tells us why she doesn’t drink.

In hour #2, KSTP’s Chris Egert gives us details on a rescued dog and the killer arrested in New Jersey this past weekend.

In hour #3, SKOR North’s Phil Mackey breaks down the electro shock treatments Kirk Cousin does before practice and then Christopher Miller joins us from Kyiv in the Ukraine to discuss his new book, The War Came to Us!

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