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Tom Barnard Show: Hour 2 – The Gophers are also not doing so well

Fresh off seeing the Eagles at the XCEL Energy Center with some listeners, Tom and the crew are back for another week leading up to Thanksgiving.

In the first hour, SKOR North’s Phil Mackey recaps the Vikings loss to Denver and the team’s struggles to hold onto the ball plus a side tangent about the movie Con Air and dueling Michael McDonalds, and KSTP’s Chris Egert discusses the differences between national and local news.

Hour #2 has Bob Sansevere on the Vikings falling in Denver and how the Josh Dobbs magic may be gone following the loss. Tom and Bob chat about the Gophers getting blown out by Ohio State and what the future looks like for PJ Fleck.

In hour #3, Kristen Eklund and Matt Carlson call in from sunny Key West. If that sounds like a good way to live, give them a call and tell them to find you a spot on the island courtesy of Sotheby’s Real Estate. A strong desire to live within walking distance of 300 different bars is considered a plus. Then Kristyn Burtt points out that the era of the “classic Christmas movie” seems to have ended long ago without any of us noticing.

On the Family, Costaki demonstrates the state of Greece’s crumbling infrastructure by freezing multiple times. Don’t worry, he thaws eventually. And speaking of crumbling infrastructure, Minneapolis has a lot of old, famous landmarks that could use some touching up these days. A few more $30,000 shirt sales and we could probably find one or two off the sales tax alone.

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