Tom Barnard Show

Tom Barnard Show: Hour 2 – KSTP’s Chris Egert calls in from Duluth

Today, Tom, Brittany and Rudy kick off Friday talking about the passing of Jerry Springer and the Skor North Viking’s draft party!

In the first hour, Bob Sansevere is on and we chat about Corner Gas and the Vikings pick draft Jordan Addison. After Bob, Kristyn Burtt gives a review of the new George Forman movie and Hollywood not turning out new Hollywood stars. In hour #2, KSTP’s Chris Egert joins us from Duluth and listeners give him restaurant recommendations. Plus, Brittany finishes the hour reading listener emails. Hour 3 is packed with Skor North’s Phil Mackey and Kent Hrbek talk about the Twins series with the Royals and how things for the next few weeks look good for the Twins! Before we leave, Tim Lammers joins us for a movie review before we get into the weekend.

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