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Tom Barnard Show: Hour 2 – Jenna Andrews invites you to The Green Room

Only two days until Thanksgiving, what is YOUR top food to pack you plate with?

In the first hour, SKOR North’s Judd Zulgad weighs in on how people putting their phones away at crucial times and Brittany recalls her days wielding a tazer, and KSTP’s Chris Egert on a state fair flash sale, local turkeys getting pardoned, and an update on the new Minnesota state flag being narrowed down to five finalists.

Hour #2 has songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur Jenna Andrews join the show to promote her music web series “The Green Room”. You may know Jenna Andrews from her work in writing the BTS smash hit song “Butter” and vocal production on “Dynamite”.

In hour #3, Doug Sprinthall returns after joining Tom and the contestants at the Eagles concert. Some bands hold up. Others do not. Lucky for them, the Eagles do. Then, Kristyn Burtt theorizes whether or not the foreign market would be affected by the strike, and also whether having Brad Pitt as a father would be a net positive.

On the Family, we note that taking a lot of drugs isn’t great for you. It’s taken the lives of numerous musicians, actors, and regular people. However, it also seems to have granted dark powers to others. How else do you explain Mick Jagger’s longevity? We still wouldn’t recommend playing those odds though.

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