Tom Barnard Show

Tom Barnard Show: Hour 1 – Sports can be dangerous, but so can space

Tom is fully fired up on this Wednesday show, maybe the fight from last night’s Wolves game rubbed off on him.

In the first hour, SKOR North’s Judd Zulgad talks about the brawl between the Timberwolves and the Warriors plus the crew discusses neck guards in hockey, and KSTP’s Chris Egert has the latest on an arrest involved with Adam Johnson’s death and talks about a flash in Beltrami County that may or may not be aliens, but probably not aliens.

Hour #2 has actor, author, and veteran Vincent Vargas join the show to talk about his new book “Borderline: Defending the Home Front” which is available to purchase everywhere. You may recognize Vargas from FX’s popular hit tv series “Mayans”. Plus Brittany educates the show on proper tennis etiquette.

In hour #3, we’re tired of tipping. We’re tired of only having two dishwashers. And we’re tired of being forced to wear clothing. First world problems? Yes. But it still fills us with anxiety and ennui. And speaking of which, Kristyn Burtt brings up a new movie that, might actually not suck. And that brings great joy.

On the Family, electricity is determined to be the cause of all our problems. Between flickering lights, low EV ranges, and digital Christmas cards, it’s clear that the best course of action for humanity would be to return to the coal age. That or we finally make steampunk a thing. Unnecessarily enormous goggles are the next big trend. We’re calling it now.

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