Tom Barnard Show

Tom Barnard Show: Hour 1 – Bob Sansevere talks Twins and Kristyn Burtt’s entertainment report

Tom, Brittany and Rudy start the week by recapping the 4th of July weekend and talking about disastrous social media challenges!

In the first hour, Bob Sansevere joins us to chat about the Twins getting smoked this weekend. Next, Kristyn Burtt gives the details of Pete Davidson driving into a house and going to rehab.

In hour #2, KSTP’s Chris Egert is in Chicago so we chat with Emma Carpenter, golfer from the U of M. She’s an overachiever so we play a trivia game of celebrities who have done great things!

In hour #3, SKOR North’s Phil Mackey joins us to chat with Emma about how to take a few swings off your game.

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