Tom Barnard Show

Tom Barnard Show: Hour 1 – Bob Sansevere talks Timberwolves and Twins and Kristyn Burtt dished on the Love is Blind debacle.

Today, Tom and Rudy and joined by Brittany’s long time friend Shannon while Brittany is on vacation until tomorrow.

In the first hour, Bob Sansevere talks about another Timberwolves playoffs loss and the Twins in New York! Next, Kristyn Burtt explains what happened during the live Love is Blind debacle on Netflix.

During our second hour, KSTP’s Chris Egert chats about hating to fly, Minnesota’s weird weather and the uptick in THC drinks.

In the final hour of the show, SKOR North‘s Phil Mackey has very strong feelings on Love is Blind and tells his story of being at the Boston Marathon 10 years ago during the bombings.

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