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Tom Barnard Morning Show: Hour 3 – Kristyn Burtt on theaters renovating for new Taylor Swift movie

A special Friday show chalk full of guests sees Tom surpise Kent Hrbek with an old friend from his Twins days!

In the first hour, SKOR North’s Phil Mackey dissects the Twins’ series loss to the Astros and talks Vikings, and KSTP’s Chris Egert has in-depth information on the cop shooting that took place in Benton County yesterday.

Hour #2 sees Bob Sansevere join to talk about the Wild’s season opener and Bob defies the odds by FINALLY having his camera work, and Kent Hrbek and legendary Twins broadcaster John Gordon join the show to talk Twins!

In hour #3 we learn from Kristyn Burtt about how theaters across the country are attempting to rush renovations to cater to the new Taylor Swift movie and Hollywood pausing picket lines!

On The Family we’re joined in studio by Bryan Miller who’s stopping in to promote the 10,000 Laughs Festival, tickets are still available!

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