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Tom Barnard Morning Show: Hour 1 – Garth Brooks and Tom Segura bring the beef

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In the first hour, SKOR North’s Phil Mackey talks about Josh Dobbs’ arrival to the Vikings and how both he and coach Kevin O’Connell have both been in this sort of situation before and how because of that they can succeed, and KSTP’s Chris Egert learns about the beef between Garth Brooks and Tom Segura and shares about how certain car owners are being inconvenienced just to not have their car stolen.

Hour #2 has Bob Sansevere previews the Vikings matchup against the Saints and talks about Vinni Lettieri’s first goal as a member of the Wild, and Women of Wrestling Superhero Coach Campanelli joins the show to talk about Women of Wrestling’s new season which airs Saturdays on the CW in the Twin Cities area but is also available to stream for free on YouTube, Prime Video, and Pluto TV.

In hour #3 Tim Lammers marvels at The Marvels. In particular, he marvels at how bad it was. Kristyn Burtt, along with the rest of Hollywood, is still recovering from the strike.

On the Family, Josh Arnold may be Mr. Money Talks, but he’s also Mr. AI Talks. And it talks to you pretty much everywhere these days. Your OS has an AI, your browser has an AI, and your phone has an AI. Basically, it’s a great time to be involved in a company that leverages AI for infinity investor dollars. Whether this trend continues remains to be seen.

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