Tom Barnard Show

The Family: Heaven’s Doggy Door – #2444

The Sun is shining, the skies are clear, and Tom is feeling bliss in the studio today… but that could be credited to Brittany having the day off.

In the first hour, SKOR North’s Judd Zulgad talks about PJ Fleck’s locker room antics and his tenure at the U of M so far plus Tom shares which former Twins players he butted heads with, and KSTP’s Chris Egert gets informed by Tom about how his brother appeared in a local news package.

Hour #2 has the crew breakdown the intricacies of gang affiliated ball caps and Tom tells a story about how he met Glenn Frey, but also at the same time didn’t meet him. Plus Tom talks about Steve Martin’s appearance at the St. Paul Civic Center which evolves into a discussion about the show “Only Murders In The Building”.

In hour #3 Kristyn Burtt discusses Sam Haskell IV. Pretty prestigious-sounding name, right? Makes you think of an aristocrat or a noble. Or a man who murdered his wife, dismembered her, and might have killed her parents. Hey, nobles did all kinds of messed up stuff in the past. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

On the Family, we try to start a cult. Problem is, the market is already saturated. Every niche has already been taken. We even have a few in Minnesota, so we can’t even try to capture the local angle. So instead, we’ll just defy The Science and recommend that everybody get a dog. Dog ownership can often be a cult in and of itself, so it counts halfway.

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