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The Family: Generational warfare, and also regular warfare – #2419

Tom, Brittany, and Tevin are flying high despite the dropping temps after the Twins evened their series with a win last night.

In the first hour, SKOR North’s Phil Mackey talks about how he thinks the Twins can actually win the World Series with the peaking play Carlos Correa, and KSTP’s Chris Egert has the latest on the upcoming $1.5 billion Power Ball lottery.

Hour #2 sees Bob Sansevere weigh in on Minnesota’s ‘State of Hockey” claim after Tevin called it into question.

In hour #3 Kristyn Burtt talks home décor, bottomless mimosas, and Frasier. One’s good, one’s bad, and one depends on your tastes. But which is which?

On The Family we discuss two kinds of battle: the fun kind, and the horrible kind. Both are going on as we speak. We’re considering integrating the fun one into the show in some capacity. As for the other one, we’re just hoping they can stop. Just for a little bit. We could all use a break.

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