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The Berenguer Boogie Returns – Car Selling Secrets #14

The 80s were a different time.  Car sales techniques were perhaps slightly less scrupulous and definitely less user friendly, Minnesota sports actually had promise, and a new technology called VHS allowed anyone with enough money to make their own home movies.  In retrospect, the last one may have been a mistake.

Tom and Doug are joined by Ellie Swenson who started her career as a receptionist and rose through the ranks to become a dealership partner. She talks the challenges women face in a male dominated industry and the steps Walser is taking to knock down those barriers. Along the way we talk about why you shouldn’t set a leased car on fire and report it stolen and we relive the 1987 Twins title drive and Ellie’s part in what is arguably the worst video ever to come out of Paisley Park.

The Berenguer Boogie

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