Roshini Rajkumar and Giovanni Ruscitti – #2209

It seems like every day, there’s a new crisis.  In a country of over 300 million people, this is to be expected.  Bad news for people who have trouble with threat assessment.  Good news for people who have a podcast about the latest crisis.  Yes, I’m going somewhere with this.  Roshini has just such a podcast: The Crisis Files, where the Crisis Squad takes on the issue of the day.


Then, Giovanni Ruscitti joins to talk about his trip to Italy to rediscover his heritage with his parents who immigrated here from the Abruzzo region after experiencing the brunt of World War 2 firsthand.  Unsurprisingly, there was a bit of culture shock going from Colorado to the streets of Italy where you can still see the damage from the war and poverty.  As sad as it is, it can make you thankful for things that you do have, such as a town that was never occupied by a hostile invading force.  

Cobblestones, Conversations, and Corks: A Son’s Discovery of His Italian Heritage –

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