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Mick Sterling – #1800-2 | Car Selling Secrets #46

Tom and Doug are joined in studio by Mick Sterling who has been a band leader in the Twin Cities for 40 years. In addition, for the past 11 years he has headed the 30 days Foundation which helps people in need by covering utility bills, car repairs etc in an effort to help working people stay out of what can be a downward spiral. To learn more about the foundation,

With everyone tired of talking about Covid 19, Tom, Doug and Mick talk music both local and national. Minneapolis is an amazingly small town and even though we’ve never formally met, it turns out we were at many of the same parties and concerts. Most don’t know that James Brown played at the Cabooze on the west bank in the late 70’s. Doug and Mick were at the show.
Tune in next week when we interview Tesla driving Republican Minnesota House of Representative, Pat Garofolo.

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