Dr. Jacob Mirman & Tom Lehman – #1991-2

Weed is more complicated than you might think.  You just set it on fire and inhale it, right?  Not quite.  There are oils, extracts, leaves, flowers, stems.  You can even make rope out of it if you really want.  Today we’re mostly focused on the flower part.  I’m not going to pretend to be a marijuanologist, but Dr. Mirman is, and he’s pro-flower.  Whatever that means.  You’ll just have to listen to the actual doctor and find out.

By the way – and we swear the two topics were a complete coincidence – it’s also Police Week in Wright County, so head on over if you back the blue to some degree.  Don’t worry, medical cannabis is legal.  Unless it’s a flower.  No flowers allowed.

Link to send request to politicians- http://bit.ly/MNCannabisBill

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