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Body Work – #1693-2 | Car Selling Secrets #24

There are two kinds of body work you’ll probably have to do a lot of in your life.  The first is fixing your car’s chassis, which Darren can take care of.  The second is not eating donut sandwiches.  At least try to keep them down to once a year.  The only person who can help you there is yourself.

Tom and Doug are joined in studio by Darren Heairet. Darren is a partner with the Walsers in 6 collision centers in Minnesota. He talks about what it takes to stay current on all the changing technology in the industry and the challenge of hiring qualified body repair people leading to the eventual decision to ‘grow his own’. In the meantime, he try to sell a guest from the first hour on why he should trade his beloved Tacoma on a new one. Somehow the conversation turns to Tom’s childhood dog meeting a sad and cruel end and what our exotic dancer names would be but that’s just how podcasts work.

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